NI mate V2.05 released!

Some minor issues were fixed in this release, with some changes to the activation OSC messaging. A few left-over QR code bugs were also squashed. Download the latest version from the downloads page.

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NI mate V2.04 released!

NI mate version 2.04 fixes a few more bugs that were introduced with the release of NI mate version 2.0. In addition, the plugins have been made backwards compatible with NI mate 1, so you should download the new versions from our download page if you use the old NI mate. Read mo…

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NI mate v2.03 released!

NI mate 2.03 is another bug fix release, mostly solving a bunch of relatively major issues that appeared for a number of OS X users. In addition, a problem with unedited OSC paths was fixed. You can download the latest version from our download page.

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