NI mate silver sponsor to "Cosmos Laundromat: First Cycle"

It is with great joy that we invite you to watch the pilot episode of Cosmos Laundromat (aka Project Gooseberry), a film released today at SIGGRAPH 2015 by the Blender Foundation. As long-time Blender developers and aficionados we're excited to witness how far this obviously tale…

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NI mate V2.01 released!

It's been just a week since we made V2.00 available for everybody, but as with every new release bugs are going to creep in there. Hence this release focuses on fixing as many of them as possible. As always just head to the download page in order to get this latest version.

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NI mate V2.0 released!

After spending over 1,5 years in development, our whole team is extremely proud to announce the release of NI mate V2.0. This release represents a complete overhaul of the original NI mate, released to the public way back in january 2012. We've written a whole FAQ post to cover t…

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