NI mate v2.14 released!

This update addresses a number of rather severe bugs that were detected in 2.13. Most notably, users should no longer see their licenses suddenly disappearing. In addition, we can’t either confirm or deny the existence of quadropedal extraterrestials in any BVH exported skel…

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NI mate v2.13 released!

We’ve now released NI mate 2.13, finally bringing support for Kinect 2 and RealSense devices on MacOS. A number of bugs had accumulated and were crushed in this release. The sensor programs were also changed a bit to require less of a hassle to install. The release is availa…

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NI mate v2.12 released!

With this update we add support for the Intel RealSense SR300 sensor and fix a whole bucketful of bugs. We have also been experimenting with a new build that fixes some of the issues Kinect for XBox 360 sensors have been having on OS X El Capitan, but these fixes didn’t make…

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